divorce case

i am working as clerk in bank.a boy working as group-b officer in ordnance showed interest on matrimonial site and proposed me through facebook march 2013.we did courtmarriage on 11 july 2013.as he insisted that he had financial problem.i said that i will stay with my parents and in coming marriage season we will throw party and then i can stay with him.we did social marriage function on 23 nov 2013.meanwhile he asked his family member to arrange our marriage but they demanded 5 lacs my parents refused to give dowry and at function of 23 nov2013 the boy alone come to attend the weding ceremony without his familymembers.he is living alone in office quater and his family lives in orai.after 23nov he started torturing me, he used to fight without any cause.his family members insulted me his younger sister saying ill-words, his mother showed me jewellary and then taken back.he supported all this saying that we did courtmarriage and you have to listen.he used to many times and send me to my parents home.he abused my parents and sister publically, insulted them.and when i conceived baby from then till delivery each and every penny of hospitalisation i beared on my own.he is taunting the first i will get dna test of my child and the i will decide what i have to do and firstly, he said that you on your own nurture your child dont ask for my help. now he is consistently asking for divorce so that he can again remarry and get dowry. i have been gone to his home twice and they insulted me so from i have not gone and they are insisting that my parents should touch their feets and all. i want to ask that- 1)on what issues i can fight in divorce case. 2)if i go for divorce could i get compensation and maintaenance for my child? 3)will he get punishment for mentally torturing me and ruining my life?