Assailants charged simple bailable offence what should i do?

Hi Sir, I had some altercation with my neighbour. Subsequently my neighbour and his friends themselves formed an unlawful assembly and tress passed into my home and assaulted me and beaten with wooden stick which caused wound in my hand also they damaged chairs and window panes in my house and they escaped from the scene. I gave complaint to sho concerned but they did not register fir because the assailants have highly political influence Subsequently i gave complaint to superintendent of police later the direction of sp the police registered fir against the assailants for assaulting me but they are charged with simple bailable offense like 324 r/w 34 ipc and 143 ipc They are not even charged for the offense tress passing to my house One of my friend told me that criminal tress passing is non bailable offense. I think assailants used political influence for charging simple bailable offense. What should i do? I want them to charge non bailable offense for tress passing and assaulting me Please help me Thank you