Looking to get answer for Divorce Situation

Hello, I got married on 4th Feb 2014. My Wife is a Software Engg, and had a salary of INR 30,000/- nd mine is INR 35.000/-. From just one month onwards, my wife started shouting at my parents and called my mom SLUT, DOG, etc.(I have those messages as proof). She just wakes up and starts fighting per her mood. She also ran away from home 3 to 4 times for the reason never known. One day she Slapped my mom (I have my neighbors as proof). This happened over and over again. The she started asking to transfer property to be in her name. When called my inlaws, they said not to take any action or not to talk to anyone else they will complain in police that we are asking for dowry. Thats when we filed petition in Women Police Station. She just says that I should either transfer the property to her name and dont keep relations with my mom and dad ever. Dont allow them to stay in their own home. If not that, I should take my PART from my home and shift to her home as GHAR JAMAI. We went to solve the problem 2 times and know the root cause to solve it. They Never responded never even allowed us to meet for the first time, Now, they are also not replying nor entering court for divorce. They are simply telling that if we go for divorce they will ask for huge alimony (which we actually cannot afford due to debts/loans). Also, she would not work, even though she can and I might have to pay her maintenance. Now, if I do that, I would not have enough money to cover my debts and live life. She is not even ready for mutual consent, not even ready to give divorce. What should I do in this case? Women Laws being so strong, I have nowhere to find justice! Can you help me with your advice?