False allegation of rape 376 506(1)

Dear advocates, Let me explain you the whole situation written in fir My ex-gf and me where studying in same college we have been friend for couple of years and later on we began loving each other after completing college we both got campus selection in different companies in different states in India the gal have said I have been to her hostel and moved closely and asked her to have sex with me for which she refused( for which this was claimed to be happened on dec 2011 )and (it is written)I have moved out of her hostel angrily and came back to my state and left connecting her through phone after some days gal herself came to my home and had sex and I have taken obsecean photos of her and with that photos I have raped her more than 120 times (it's written) these are my charges all this was happened on 2011 2012 and the case was filled August 2014 Points to be noted 1.From 2013 I am working in abroad 2.when I returned back to India with political and police influence she has put a loc in my passport now after 22 days in prison I got bail stating all this are false 3 . I never had sexual intercourse with the gal 4. We where living in separate states 5. I have no idea of wats happening in my life 6. My passport is with police which they promised me to give in a days time 7. I have never taken any obscean photos of her 8.there wher some sexual chats going when we where in love 9.there family and my family have rivals from 2013 due to this love issue 10.july 2014 she has sent lawyer petition with a differnt version of rape now they have differnt version adding that I have taken obscean photos 11.aug 2014 she logged a complaint with above statements 12. She has sent a copy of fir to the place where I work 13. It's a clear case of vengence Now I want to know couple of things 1. Will loc be removed from my passport once I am caught or will it remain till the case ends 2. I have to sign twice in a week for three weeks this is the only condition in the bail 3. Because of this loc I am not sure I can fly back for work 4.how to remove loc from my passport Kindly let me know