Notice not received

Hello Sir/ Madam I got married in the year 2012 and its just been 2 and half years we have been married.My husband has filed a divorce against me not being at fault.His mother is extremely dominating and rules the family.He gives all his money to his mother and she is just behind money.They have no relations with my family. Ours was the love marriage but both families agreed to our marriage He filed divorce against me because in anger i said few things about his mother but frankly speakin i have not said something that will lead to divorce.I literally adjusted a lot with his family cried day in and out to save this relation i asked him to approach a marriage counsellor but he is firm on his decision.To let you all know he had an extra marital affair n now m unsure whether that girl still exists in his life also his parents did not disclose about our marriage to his dads family.I spoke to him in all possible ways but he is not ready to stay with me.Still I dont want divorce but he is not willing to stay what should i do please advice. Lastly its been 3 mnths now the divorce has been filed and he told me himself tht he filed d divorce.But i did not receive the notice yet.One of my friend is a lawyer i asked her to find out d status of my case she sd 2 dates are already gone n 3 is on 13 april. I have not filed any case neither lodged a complain. What should i do in this situation ?? Thanks in Advance