Need good legal advice

Hi, I am posting on behalf of my sister. She was born in Jalandhar and her entire eductaion in Punjab. She got married in July 2010. She is a working girl and was earning more than husband. They got married in Chandigarh and then got settled in Bangalore. The family consists of husband, wife, husband mother and the full time 24 hours mother servant. After marriage the in-laws started harassing her by giving lot of taunts, about her parents etc. Things speedingly becomes more tough for her at later stage, we tried our best to maintain balance in their life, but after some time, problem started again. She was pressurized to leave her job, but she didn't. She was pressurized to give her entire saving/money to build a house on the plot. She was pressurised to do work which her mother servant is doing. Her comparison was done with servants. The other side of problem is that his husband family has strong relations in Chandigarh. His uncles are lawyers, police commissioner, politician, CA etc. But we are simple middle class family. She was even compelled to leave the house and then my parents had to go to Bangalore to settle them. The settlement worked for only 5-6 days after the parents return and then again problem started. We have not perused any legal/police action. At last She approached woman helpline in bangalore. After 2 hearings, one day while she was in the office, husband and their entire family runs away from home. She returned in the evening to see the entire room empty. Some of her stuff was also taken by the boy's family. Next day she again approached the woman helpline and then woman helpline called them for next hearing. In next hearing, even woman helpline was against my sister. His husband has told that before leaving the house, he has put a mail to commisioner and then left. My sister was having an bank account in jalandhar which was later shifted to Bangalore. She opened a locker in Bangalore and put her jewellery in the locker. She also get the husband name added to locker. One day husband went to bank and gives in writing that the account should not be operated without his consent. After six months, my sister comes to know about this situation. Bank Manager has refused her to get the locker open. She is really very upset. In last conselleing meeting with woman helpline, the boy clearly told that he will not give more than one lakh ruppes as compensation. As she never thought of divorce situtaion, she never colledted any proof type of things. Please provide advice what is best and how to proceed. We are thinking atleast she can get her jewellery back from bank. Can we put the case in court for jewellery without filing any other type of case like DV or 498A. Please reply how to proceed. Thanks