False 498A and DV complaint by my wife

Hi All My wife registered complaint against me and my family members under 498A and DV act. All this happened because I told her that I do not want stay with her anymore. There are many reasons that I would not like to disclose here. It is for sure that we cannot stay together now. Background: As of today it’s been 1.2 years we got married. It was arranged marriage. Both the families are from different cities. I am staying away from my hometown as I am working in one of the metro city. After marriage we got one flat on rent. It’s been 6 months she left me. She is staying at her hometown with parents. 3 Months back she visited me and stayed for 2 days. That time I told her that I don’t want to stay with her anymore. She asked me to book return tickets for her. I booked it. At present, she registered complaint against me and my family members. We received call from Police station to inform about this complaint. One meeting already happened between my family and my in-laws family members in front of Inspector. Now Inspector called me to Police station and this meeting is supposed to be between me and my wife. Inspector was telling in case there will not be any compromise then he will proceed with FIR. Complaint: -> 498A is supported by bank account statement of my Father in law. <Fact> My wife parents gifted one Car during marriage. They also displayed it. After marriage they said that they will transfer the amount in Bank Account so that children can buy it in same city. After 5 months of marriage they transferred the amount to my account. I was never interested in buying car but my wife insisted to take it because she needs it. ->DV is supported by Medical report. <Fact> 3 months ago, without informing me or anyone in my family, she visited my place alone. I told that now I cannot stay with her. She asked me to book return ticket. Once she returned to her hometown, she got false medical report issues stating that someone has beaten her. It seems to be pre planned activity. Both the above facts are completely false. Please suggest me: 1. How can I prove medical certificate is fake? Counter argument 2. What will happen when I would be going to meet Inspector in her home town? 3. How can I prove that we never demanded any dowry? In my case actually my in-laws asked for dowry. 4. As evidence I am having call recording and we also submitted one application to SP that my in-laws may file false case against us. Will it be helpful? 5. What should be my course of action? We already got one advocate to help us. 6. Any other suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your responses.