Cheating and False allegations

I am a salaried employee and 8 years ago i met a girl online from mumbai and we became good friends. Over the period of time our conversation started on emails and afterwards on phone.I came to mumbai for job and we met for the first time as she lived in Mumbai.We came into relationship and she was interested in getting married with me. before i met her i had told her everything about myself, including that i didnt posess good height and she was taller than me.but she said she cared the way i was. Now after being in relationship for 4 years i asked her when she will talk to her parents? in response to this ques she told that she has decided not to marry me. When i told her about our commitments made then she said to wait until final exams and she will talk to her parents. Now when exams were over i asked her to talk to her parents to which she said she has now finally decided not to marry me. i asked her the reason and she said i dont have good background and i belong to middle class family. I want luxurious life and a good millionaire personality. and importantly, i dont have good height. she also said i cheated her bcz i didnt tell her about my height when she talked to me first time. I said when i met her she was happy the way i look. and she said that she was confused but now she she is firm on her decision. I was unable to understand this and tried to convince her to which she behaved very rudely and abused me on phone and told me to forget her.I had blind faith on her and treated her well with all kinds of gifts and treats.I have written proof of her every promises and commitments made to me. Now she is saying this and all. I had stood beside her in every circumstances and now she had complained her parents that i m mentally torturing her by phone calls. How can i handle this issue legally? i don't want to marry her but i want to file complaint against her for everything i spent on her. She is buddhist and threatning me for SC/ST case also. Her parents have political influence and she always says do what you can do, my parents can easily handle every legal aspects.