Dear sir/madam, i am married since 1 year now to a business man in Mysore. 2 Months after my marriage my mother in law started torturing me. It was unbearable. When i brought this to my husbands notice he flatly said "You shut your mouth and act according to my mother, this is my mothers house and even i am living in it. You either bear all this or go back to Bangalore to your parents abode" he used to say. Even my parents asked me to adjust and compromise in every way possible as they has spent lots of money on marriage and they were already on huge debts, they were not wiling to take me back to their house due to social reasons. They flatly refused to provide shelter and asked me to go through the harassment. Some times i opposed my Mother in law and fought against the harassment, She used to all all her relatives and they all formed a gang along with my husband and mother in law and tortured me by abusing, harassing and offending me. They summoned my parents to Mysore and started complaining about my behavior and i dont follow their instructions and that i am arrogant and all. My parents scolded me in front of them and advised me to follow whatever they said and not to backtalk. once even my parents did not support me the torture increased. One day My mother in law took up and fight and tried to beat me up. when i revolted she called all her relatives and said that i had abused her in filthy language and she called even my parents and made a big issue out of it. then she requested my parents to take me back to Bangalore for 15 days. 15 days turned to 4 months and they never bothered to call me nor did my husband came to see me. We made several calls from our end and apologized. They kept denying to take me back and gave reasons such as my husband is having some grave problem in his business. We even went to mysore 2 times only to see closed doors and returned back in vain. Our lawyer asked us to record and document every call since this point. we have recorded as much as possible. Finally i had to struggle my way back in to my husbands abode. by the time i went back i was severely depressed that my marriage had become a tragedy and i started consulting a psychiatrist My husband has filed a divorce petition on me on cruelty grounds