man cheated by woman in a extra-marital relationship

I am a married man and had an extra-marital relation for the last fifteen months which my wife has known for the last seven months and has deserted me(not yet divorced). All this time the present woman in my life promised that she loves me irrespective of my position and personal or married life. She also promised to never leave me under any circumstance even if I leave her . She claimed to be my wife again and again for eternity and exchanged promises to never desert each other. In the meantime, her parents had started arranging for her marriage in-spite of knowing very well about our relationship. My relationship with my wife(who deserted me) turned more and more bitter and I informed each and every aspect to the present woman in my life. She promised that I should not worry as she is thre for me and would never desert me. Now as her marriage is just a month away, I have stopped hearing from her and am not being able to contact her. If i presume that this woman has also deserted me can I file a case for cheating and if yes what punishment does this woman get