fraudlant case on institute

Hi Team, I have big problem related with some Technical training Institute, New delhi. The owner of institute offered me partnership in the month of November 2014 with him in his business of Technical training as I am also a Technical trainer. He promised to me that I can complete my RHCA from his centre and can do business side by side at his centre. On his promise I paid him Rs.50K approx. In November 2014 for my RHCA course completion. Before his offer I was doing job nearby my house. I also wanted to open my own institute as I already have many contacts and knowledge in this field. I joined him in January 2015 as on verbal contractual basis ...Later he said to me that I should bring my own students at his centre and he will pay me reference money @12.5% and tell them to do some technical courses like RHCE. I gave him 9 students in the month of Jan. & feb. Each student paid fees at his institute approx.15k. It means on an average I gave him business of Rs. 1 lac. But, still he didn’t pay me reference money for few students. 1.i want to ask you that how can i take compensation for harassment he did to me. 2.i also want my share of business which i gave to him atleast @25%. 3.when i ask for my fee refund he said there is no money in my pocket it means he is using my money commercially. so i want interest on my money which i landed him since November 2014 4.i also want penalty for career loss, as he said that you leave your present job which was near by my house and join me at south ex which is 50km from my was really very hairdressing working with him