Acquisition land unutilised 42yrs can getback to land-owner

Hi Everyone, We have a Land in Karnataka in a DIST in a Village(ABC) of 3(1,2,3) Survey No total 42 Acres. Which has been acquired by the KIADB in 1973 by "G" Notification through A.C. THE LAND FROM 1963 to 1979 it is in my COLUMN 9 "FATHER NAME" COLUMN 10 "LAND OWNER" & LATER 1979 TO 1983 the RTC is showing SALE COL 9 "KHATRI Mills" COL 10 LAQ/LND/14/1/74-75 "BHUSWADNA" land FROM 1983 TO TILL DATE by Mutation & RRT DONE IN NAME OF "XYZ LTD to Till Date". But the mutation "XYZ LTD" was done in 1983 & Agreement DEED was made with "KIADB & "XYZ LTD" done in 1986 for 21 Years(1986 to 2007) for Industrial setup purpose, Yearly Rent Rs.100/- setup should complete in min 3 months to 5 years. But only fencing is done. Compensation Rs 2LAKHs/- was given to my GrandFather. The Survey NO 1 & 2 mutataion was in my Father Name & he has not signed anywhere, bcoz in gazatte notification father is mentioned minor age 20years. Only survey No 3 is Grandfather Name. The Land has been lying UNused & Unutilised from 1973 to Tilldate i.e.last 40 to 42 years vacant. The Acquisition is failed. The person has took loan on that land in crores & Absconded. We got the report the bank has case also closed. The "XYZ LTD" company & members are not there, they are cheaters. In Pani or RTC "XYZ Ltd" is showing instead of "Original Landowner name". But in RTC/PANI column No.10 & 11 Bank Loan, mutation no or LAQ (LAND ACQUISITION NO) is not SHWOING still anywhere, BuT ONLY BU-SWANDENA is showing NOT Landowner. if so what step has to be taken to get back the land since the & we are ready to Re-pay the compensation amount award. What ever is typed is correct (year, amount & etc)