Interest on outstanding payment

Hi! I bought a under construction flat in mumbai. As a first time buyer I was unaware of all the complications in the documentation. At First I was misguided by the broker and then by the builder. After so many complications I somehow managed to buy an under construction flat and got into an agreement with the builder. I have loan sanction 1 and a half years back. But the bank refused to disburse the loan because there was no IOD and CC for the floor I was buying. Although before buying the property the builder and the bank assured me that the property is loanable. But when it came to disbursement the bank refused and now when the IOD and CC is there the bank is again asking for the processing fees . The bank has also wasted my franking charges. I had to again pay the franking charges rs. 6,000. Also the builder has put lot of interest on the outstanding amount. When I called them then they verbally assured me that they will not charge any interest as soon as they will receive the outstanding money. Please advise me whether should I pay again the bank processing fees? Secondly can I take legal action against the builder if he imposes interest despite of giving the outstanding payments? Thanks