Issues with Car Parking allotments in our apartment

Hi, I have purchased an apartment in Bangalore last year and moved to the new house a couple of weeks back. We are facing some issues with the allotment of Car Parking in our apartment. The builder had constructed the first tower of apartment (Phase 1) in 2013 and later they purchased the adjacent land and constructed the second tower (Phase 2). They are providing the car parking facility in the stilt floor of the building, and we have paid some amount to purchase that slot. We have a few common amenities like Swimming Pool, Kids Play area etc which are shared between Phase 1 and Phase 2 members. Now they are allocating some car parking space for the Phase 1 owners in the undivided share of land of Phase 2. When we questioned this, the builder says that the Car Parking will be considered as a common amenities, whereas it is not mentioned in the sale deed or any other document before. Allocating single car parking area for all the Phase 2 owners itself will be a big mess in the stilt floor, and now they are trying to create additional slots by designing the them unscientifically. I would like to get a legal opinion from the experts on this. Thanks in advance. -- Raj