Change of ownership from partnership firm to private ltd co.

Sir, We have allotted a industrial plot from HUDA in the name of a partnership firm, now we have converted the partnership firm in a private limited company and the same partners become directors of the company. We have applied before the HUDA to change the ownership of plot in record in the name of company, the HUDA has approved change in constitution subject to a conditions that “the change in ownership of the plot from partnership firm to company shall be got amended in the records of Sub-Registrar through registration of applicable documents, within thirty days and a certified copy thereof shall be submitted to the HUDA”. Accordingly, I requested Sub-Registrar, to amend the conveyance deed in the name of company, the Sub-Registrar told that there is no system of amendment in the conveyance deed as the ownership is the same and the property is not being transferred of sold to anyone. It is merge of firm into company and the same partners become directors and hence does not constitute transfer in anyway. You are requested to sole my following query: 1. The condition imposed by HUDA is as per law. 2. How can we change our ownership of plot in the company name in the office of Sub-Registrar, if require, suggest the name of document. 3. Change in the revenue record is required for industrial plot allotted by HUDA.