My Sister Name XXXXXXX Sharma, Age-31 Years, Town Ismailabad, Distt. Kurukshetra married with Mr. Brij bhushan Sharma, village Bharog, Distt. Ambala, on dated Dec 02, 2007. She is not having any child till date and after few months of marriage my sister faced some mentally problem in her husband house and had fits problem. Then we consult to Private Dr. for her treatment and Dr. provide some medicine for three years under treatment. He had suggested to sister’s husband and his family for don’t make plan anything about baby till finished the treatment. During this treatment period her husband and his family physically torture to her and after asked by us they said that your sister having some “ Chudail in her” and she is fighting with us so that they did these things. Main things is that her husband support his family for this all things. After investigate by us we found that her sister in law and her husband manipulate to his husband and his parents for do this type of superstitious activity. After completed the course of treatment we consult to Dr. and he suggest to us for medical checkup of both (Sister+ her husband). Then results comes negative from her husband side after checkup. Then My Father started medicine for her husband from Qualified Ayurvedic Dr. locally for recover the internal weakness but her husband denied to take all medicine under pressure of her sister in law because she is believes in superstitious activity and guide to his family also the same. And some closed relations between her sister in law and her husband because my sister noticed un-acceptable behavior between them. After few day my sister complaint to my mom regarding this also informed about rumour which is broadcast by her laws and her husband family along with her husband. She blamed that all defect in my sister not in sister’s husband. Till 5 years every three months sister live in my father’s house and 2 months in her husband house. In 2013 some mishappened in my personal life and I was take some help from sister side that time my sister came to meet me in emergency basis and informed to her husband and his brother also before meeting. That time her husband was on his duty and he also came to meet me with in 1 hour. After this case sister went to home with her husband and I went to my father’s home. I explained him all the situations but next day he disclosed all my personal matters to his family while he knows his family are not co-operative. He show her image bad in front of his family and allegation on her she left house without their permission. On next night her husband and his family started physically torture to my sister on the issue of my personal matter and that time she tried to free them and immediately called us “BHAI MUJHE BACHA LO YE LOG MUJHE PHIR SE MAAR RAHE HAI AUR MAAR DALENGE, PLEASE MUJHE BACHA LO” Suddenly phone disconnected, My family (Me and my wife, parents) worried about her and immediately move there with some neighbors and my friends. I and my friend’s waiting outside and my father, my big brother and neighbors be seated with his family at his uncle house in front of his village SARPANCH. After long discussion all respected members and SARPANCH decided that my sister & her husband live at his husband uncle house for monitor the behavior of both. Same thing happened again after one week sister’s husband meets to his parents daily and prepare conspiracy against her, my sister was not aware about these all things, during one month sister lives on her husband’s uncle house but feels partiality with her. On Dec, 2013, my sister came with her husband for coming exam held on Jan07,2014 at my father’s house and her husband said that he will come after finished her exams but till now he will not came back. Now she is living with us so I need your strong suggestion on same for file case against them. Other point are mentioned below: 1. We don’t have any recording, video against her husband. 2. We have only Dr. Medical Re