Divorce Case pending for 3 yrs in Family Court

Hello Lawyers, I am a 34 yrs old female having a 9 yrs old daughter. I got married in 2003 & it was a arrange marriage. My husband was working in Guwahati from before marriage while his parents were settled in kolkata. Before marriage it was agreed that he will try to find a job in Kolkata & shift to kolkata as soon as possible. Unfortunately, after marriage my inlaws & husband were not satisfied with the dowry they received & they started taunting me for this. I was staying with my husband in Guwahati after marriage & my mother inlaw also went there to torture me for every issue. I kept quiet & thought that things will improve as time passes. My husband did not use to take much interest in me & use to spend more time outside on pretext of office work even in weekends. Time went by like this & in 2006 I had a daughter. After this also situation did not improve & actually deteriorated with he & his family not accepting my daughter. They did not take financial responsibility for me or my daughter. I was forced to go for further studies & persue MBA in 2009 in Bangalore, So that I can feed my child & me, with the money given by my father. My child stayed with my parents at that point of time from 2009-2011. I also took a education loan for 4Lacs from Bank where my husband was a guarantor, so he was ok with me going for my higher studies. Just as I completed my MBA I got a good job offer from a big MNC which I accepted in Bangalore in 2011. My husband stopped talking to me after that & started pushing me to go for mutual divorce, which I did not agree to. In 2012 he filed for divorce in family court, putting false allegations on me. From that point of time I have been fighting the case, have not received any maintenance for my child or me. Past 3 years I have been solely taking care of my child. I am working in kolkata, I paid the whole Education loan with interest (6 Lacs). I have been fighting the case on my own as I do not have money to spend on lawyers.The decision on my maintenance is still pending in court. Can any one show me a path which can help me teach this man a lesson to let me go through this hell?