Husband and In laws harassing

Hi I m from mumbai.i have been married for one and half yrs.Our was love marriage with permission from both the families. But the fact was my in laws didn't wanted us to marry.TTrouble started soon after marriage. .they started manipulateing and troubling me with small small issues .sad part is my husband is weak ..he is diabetic. Into drugs..robs gold from house. .he did robbed money from my cards.but they support him..he is financially dependable on them.earlier he use to be nuetral but past one yr he too trouble me...i was thrown out of the house and abused..we reunited in jan.things were fine but he started behaving weird..i was pregnant ...coz of stress I had missed abortion. .none of dem bothered to call or ask and conveyed dey don't want child and doesn't want to keep any relationship. .what should I do? I have loan too coz of I don't want to give them legal trouble..bbut I got to know they are filing complaint against me for entering der house..dey are not even ready to give my clothes gold stuffs...Please help me