Street Fight

Good Evening Sir/Madam I am Jitendra from Sultan puri Delhi yesterday 28/03/2015 about 5PM I was going towards my office by foot which is in Kirari Suleman Nagar there is a place called shani bazar chowk on that place a man came and stopped me I asked what is the matter he had a 10 or 12 years old boy with him that man told to boy to bring that man's father and one old man age of 65 -70 came and both of them started beating me and they took me to the nearest police both which is not more than 50 mtr far from that place they were beating me and saying k mene unka ghar barbad kar diya and while beating me another man came with a big wood stick in hand and he hit on my head twice and I became unconscious and they locked me in the police both and they call police on 100 number and I called the police as well but they have no record of it as the police came they asked them about scene and they said that I call their daughter in law and scared her that if she will not live with me i will kill their grand son and daughter and they were making story as their daughter in law was missing and living with me but when police man investigate that women is living at her mother's house and she spoke to policeman saying she doesn't know me and she was not living her husband's house because he has an affair with a girl and sell liquor and consume as well and beat her she has called to the police station tomorrow and she has already said she was not living with me and she does not know me so in this case I am innocence and they beat me on a street which hurt my ego and all respect please advice me what legal actions should I take against them