Me and my wife has separated 5 years back. I live in dubai now and she is in india. I have pronounced divorce to her in 2011 since then she is living in live in relationship with a non muslim in Delhi. Now for money she is blaming that no divorce has been done because there is no paper work done at that time. She has issued a notice to me through her lawyer for maintenance and money and i have answered that with all relevant proofs and again declared divorce in that notice also (5 month back ). I have given my maher and 7 lak INR to her ( i have all bank transfers documents and papers ). Please let me know that by islam can we confirme this divorce and how can we proof it in Indian law also. She is creating a lot of problems and threating me and my family by false police complain. By muslim law is there a way i can proof my self and be safe from a false eligation. If she files a case or FIR , you know police will take a action without listening me and we muslims can never proof the truth of divorce and if we can it will take a long time and procedure. Please help with muslim law what way i can go through to protect myself and family. I can send you all papers and documents if required. please help with shria law and guide me. regards