Section 164 - Witness/complainant's rights

I am the complainant in a criminal case chargesheeted U/S 420, 406, 509, 354b, 354d and 120b. My statement was recorded under Section 164, and my examination as the first and prime prosecution witness is coming up for hearing in a week. I don't wish to pursue the case and want to forgive on humanitarian grounds, and have the court let go the accused, However, as I understand, I cannot retract from a statement recorded under 164 without attracting chances of prosecution under perjury. But do I have to right to remain silent as a witness, and humbly request to not be asked to testify?? What are my rights as a witness?? I hope to sign a deed of compromise with the accused. Can I state in the court that I do not wish to testify and do not with to pursue the case?? Please advise asap. I do not wish to approach the High Court for quashing, I want to only sign the compromise deed in my local/district court and advise the court at this level itself that I do not wish to pursue the case. Please advise the best I can do on my presentation as the PW, so as to not attract perjury. Please advise of my rights as a witness.