hi, i am working as a bank employee in a nationalised question is,, 1. my grand father and his 3 younger brothers and their father [total 5 share holders ]were equal share holders of 60 acres near coimbatore. of the share holder made partition suit for his share in 1955. 1957 all of them agreed to share 50 acres 10x5=50 10 acre to be maintain as common property.court has agreed the same and passed degree. 4.from the 50 acres ,municipal corparation has taken 15 acres for pumping station and exchanched a land which was only 5 acres... 1974 my grand father's father made a will ,in the will he mentioned all the comman property [10 acres]as his own and also mentioned the exchanched 15 acres and 5 acre as his own.he had given all the properties to my grand father's younger brother. grand father's passed away on 1984 and my grand father passed away on 1996. grand father's younger brother was unmarried,and wrote a will on 2006 [which was registered]and metioned all the nitigated properties ,he had given all the propetis to my uncle.he also passed away on 2013. 8. shall i entaitled to claim for my share in the comman property?[10 acres] 9.shall i entitled to entaitled to claim the exchanged property. 10.i am away from my own place for more than 12 years. 11.experts please guide me.