I am 35 yrs old and my wife is 33 yrs old. we have baby gal of age 7rs and I filed for judicial separation 2 yrs back and I was about to get exparte as she did not have any evidence against me stating that I have extra marital affair. but she requested court stating that she should be given time as her lawyer misguided her. she was granted permission and in Feb she filed for RCR and maintenance. now I don't want to go back and want to fight against RCR as I have threat. her family members man handled me and that is the reason I vacated house and started staying with my mom. They also dragged me to police station saying that she will file 498 which she didn't. in 8yrs of marriage her parents use to use bad language and made me to do all the household work. also she and her family forced me to buy house for her parents. I am ready to take care of kids maintenance and I feel that I don't have to pay any maintenance as she is a working women. Please guide me as what to do to fight against RCR.