What if a local commissioner files a wrong report ?

We are in possession of a house property in Delhi. Our family go to that house in weekends.Around 7 months back my elder brother out of greed filed a case against me and wife in which he claimed that he is the owner of that property stating that the property is presently in his possession( he doesn't even know the number of rooms we have constructed on that property). He even tried to break the locks of our house with hammer when we were not present at that house(he broke two locks but still he didnt managed to get inside) .In 2006 he took my signature on a blank paper(not a stamp paper) on our father's death and now he is missusing that paper by stating in that very paper that I have transferred that property of mine legally to him. Yesterday we asked the judge to appoint a local commissioner.But now I think my elder brother has bribed that commissioner because when the local commissioner came to our house as per the orders of the judge to check possession(the property ws in my possession).He took my signature as well as my wife's signature on a blank paper for no reason. My elder brother ws standing outside my property at that time and he was threatening the witnesses in front of the local commissioner and his fellow 4 collegues. So I am worried what will happen in case the local commissioner files a wrong report. I dont want to loose the house which i have made with my hard earned money.The local commissioner asked for some bribe indirectly from me as well.