partition of house property

My family consists of my father (70), mother (65), myself , my younger brothern my unmarried sister. I'm married My younger brother & younger sister is working. There has been a lot of issues regarding my marriage due to which I'm not in good terms with my father, mother brother & sister. I'm suspecting that there will be a issue regarding the property settlement also. So I want to know the necessary details beforehand. The properties owned by my parents are listed below: 1. Residential house where they are staying now, in my father's name (He got it from his family settlement & some part of it has built with his earnings) 2. Truck in my father's name (acquired by my father with his earnings). My doubts are: 1. What all can I demand as my share from the above listed? 2. Can my father give his earned property, house etc completely to my brother, without giving me a share of it? 3. Can he prepare the will without my consent or opinion? 4.i asked him for my sharebefore but he is not ready 2 give me share on house property as well as in truck.. wat cn I do 2 take my share frm his property? PS: I don't have any documents related to the above listed properties.