property right safeguard during divorce petition

we have filed divorce with mutual consent and all settlement is done by us mutually out of the court. Now we are waiting for next hearing date which have been allotted after six month. After smooth settlement suddenly wife family force her to claim property rights which my father bought before our marriage. since my father was left retirement about 4 years he included me in property for passing home loan. now this property belongs to my father and bought this before my marriage. Now he has got money after his retirement and want to close home loan so he is ready for foreclose loan amount. but in between my wife entered that property and staying without my father permission. as already my process is going on , I have planned to make release deed for removing my name so that my father will be complete owner. I want to know whether any harm if he took his property during our case. also what step I can take if want to safeguard my father property from her. she is completely ready to make any kind of false statement and we are discussing how to come out from this situation. Kindly advice