I have been married 2yrsback and have a daughter who is born on Oct last year. I lived with husband sister in law at Chandigarh. My husband has been physically torturing me from the first week of marriage. He taunted me for low standard milni ceremony. All family members used to demand but I often told that we can make things by ourself. My husband demanded car, share in property, flat and even the money of delivery from me. I never opened up to my parents about anything. When I was pregnant I was beaten thrice. Kicking on stomach, breast, beating with remote,phone etc. I still wanted to continue my 7 vows and aplied all logical ways telling him not to do this plz. My husband after 5 days from delivery clearly demanded and also gave threats. He then called my parents and again demanded giving threats. The call was of 25 mins. My father in law went to my father's clinic asking him to give share of property which he refused. My grandfather in law demanded me same two days before delivery when he was at Chd. My mother in law demanded flat from me and my mother many a times. After birth of my girl child they acted like criminals, no one helped me, didn't allow me to breastfeed, were not sending me home, neither took me to follow up after c section. After 45 days and with 2local people my parents freed me and I came to my parents house. Sir, we have filed 498,125 and dv act. But they are not taking summons giving one excuse or other.