The inhumane conditions in college

Hello sir, I am working currently in an diploma college as lecturer which is under DTE, Karnataka. Sir our college timings was not as per the DTE rules( i think so), bcz our college timings is from 8:45AM to 5.15PM. where for all colleges the timings falls under 9.30AM to 4.00PM. And also the facilities provided for the college management was not good. When we were asked to change timings,management said its their prerogative. sir labour welfare laws were also not enforced correctly in our college. When one my colleague left the college, the management has taken a bond of 2 months salary from that employee. Another instance were the irregularities found was, during removal of a lecturer uninformed to him. When he asked the management what's the reason for sudden removal, they didn't give any reasons. And also they didn't give any compensation for removal also (i think they should provide the 3 months salary, when removing suddenly) sir my questions are ? 1. sir under the ambit of labour welfare laws do LECTURER comes in? 2. Sir what is the procedure convey the irregularities to concerned department ? 3. Sir can any college, remove the lecturer as per their wishes. do college authorities should provide some compensation or not ? 4. To whom to approach the timings issue about the college? i.e concerned department