Copyright Query

Hello, Greetings of the Day, I have queries regarding copyrights which is better to be cleared to avoid the legal quandary. I have established my media firm recently and is at a start-up level. We are working on creation of a talk web-series predominantly focusing on sitcoms, films etc... which will be monetized with the sole purpose of earning profits. And thus we want to use several clippings of barely 20 seconds in every episode. For Example - If we are creating an episode on Sarabhai vs Sarabhai of 20 minutes, we would like to use video clippings of barely 15 -20 seconds of the show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. My query is, can the video clippings be used by putting a disclaimer in every episode which states ' The program is for entertainment purpose and we do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings... The clips or clippings used in the episode are not created or owned by us... The company or firm does not own any rights of the clips or clippings and there is no copyright intended... '. In addition to the disclaimer which will be displayed at the starting seconds of every episode, as well providing credits to the copyright owner of the video clipping being played. For Example - When the video clipping of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is being played, simultaneously displaying ' Credits to - Sarabhai vs Sarabhai ', on the bottom right side of the screen. Is it workable just to use the disclaimer and providing credits while the clippings are being displayed? I would be pleased and happy to receive the needful knowledge and information for the same. Regards, Raunak Kelekar