pls keep this question private: reg: my marriage

Dear sir, I live in Karnataka, I was married in 2006 and have a baby girl who is 6 year old, who is in my custody and got divorced in 2012. The main reason for the divorcee is my mother, I had some problems in my personal life which could be sorted out, but she pressurized me to give divorcee. Finally I was so stressed and to avoid fights at home I agreed. Time passed, i met one of my colleague who was also my friend since 2002. He also was suffering in his life and wanted to take divorcée from his wife she had a illegal relationship. Case was filled in chennai in Feb 2014, and in June we got registered marriage without his paper .Now d paper has come so I wanted to know how can we cancell the old registration and register afresh, bcoz the earlier registration is not valid.My mother is not at all happy with this marriage as well( now we stay with her) , bcoz my father is deceased and one sister in working in blore. My husband is planning to go abroad in April, so me and my daughter want to stay in some rented flat.but again my mom is saying she will not send my daughter with me as he is not her actual father. Sir, I know him very well since a long time so I have married him, or else having a daughter I wouldn't think of marriage with a unknown person. Very much stressed in life sir, kindly reply me to get how to destroy d old marriage certificate and register it legally. Rgds Monika