Claiming of loss funds from Ecommerce company

I am in ECOMMerce business and trade as seller on one of the biggest Online seller ( ECOMMERCE). ITs not been long that I realsied the logistic arm of the same company could be playing a filthy role in minting money by quoting exagerated weight of shipments. Of my whole lot 90 % of the shipments are over weight then they actually are ..some are even double of tripple then teir actual weight. Beacuse of that I am getting lesser amount then expected on settlement. Condition is such that of my investment I am now in Loss. I have constantly reported the error to the company but we all know how the customer/seller support work... AS lazy as they can .... I havent had any resolution to the issue as of yet ... ITs not been long but I cant waste my money just waititng expecting things to get right. Are company not liable to disclose the escalation points in case those stupid lower level executive fail to resolve our matters? I have no escalation point... and I dont get any satisfactory answere. The questions for you guys are: What sort of case I can build against them due to the above situation. What rights I have since I have been involved in business with them and they owe me money. Other then thier regualr payterm payouts ...I just dont get to the point thye listen to my plea and reverse those excess deduction they have made Can I sue them for holding my money for wrong reasons? Can i sue them for not disclosing the escaltion matrix ..or providing a step by step flow chart in case of failed resolution I am sure its just not me... Ecommerce is a growing market... and these company can really get into dirty business What regualtion can be imposed or law I can show them to highlight their wrong doings Thanks for your Help!