Divorce case

Respected Sir, My brother in law is an impotent. He married to my sister in 2004 by suppressing the fact. He could manage for 1 year. Then my parents came to know that he is impotent. We had panchayat with his parents. On the request of him and his parents my parents allowed him to take medical treatment instead of proceeding for divorce. He took treatment around 6 years, but there is no use. During 6 years he harassed my sister mentally and physically. Then we filed DVC in godavarikhani In 2010. Then filed 498A case in karimnagar police station in 2011. Then applied for divorce in peddapally court on the same year (grounds harassment , impotency). We appointed a worst lawyer. We dont know wether he colluded or not. He did nothing to prove his impotency. He asked us to withdrew DVC so that we can get divorce soon(tried for x party order). He did not applied for maintenance. Now cross examination is going on in both courts(karimnagar and peddapally). Our lawyer is saying that our case is week we cant do anything. Now my brotherinlaw is demanding money to give divorce that to we have to withdraw both the cases. I need your advise. Can we apply for maintenance now. If yes how much time it takes to get maintenance. Also please suggest me to get divorce.