my property was purchased from my tenant in a illegal way colluding with bankers under sarfesi act by participating alone in auction for very less amount and paying the amount after 1 year 6 months and then procuring the sale certificate after 1 year 6 months the same was challenged in high court of karnataka and was refered to OMbudsman for settlement of OTS and also was disposed sending the same to DRAT chennai and we contested in DRAT in time but the chairperson was not appointed and kept pending till the appointment of chairperson. and we also contested in DRT bangalore and was dismissed for the delay which was not condoned and same was is gone for appeal in DRAT CHennai which is pending adjudication and in high court of karnataka we have not got remedy in ombudsmen even though we had order ofHon'ble high court of karntaka but the same was challenged and statusquo is granted and pending for adjudication now the illegal purchaser is sending notices to my tenent to vacate the premises and not to pay any rent to us. what is the next step we have take kindly help me in this matter