Regarding Eplispsy wife

I got married on 27th nov 2010 to a bangalore girl they did not tell me she having epilipsy after two months I got know she is having that problem then I got treatment to her from more more four doctors and she used to sleep whole When I left to office and she is not doing even cooking after one year I left my mumbai job and came to bangalore for her health problem and I kept all my house hold things around Rs 1 50000 to father in law house by this she got pregnant now baby health is ok quite helathy and I went my mother in law's house to call to my wife she did not and I did not my house hold things and even gold also now they are asking divorce and telling me I am asking dowry and but i have all medical documents with and they are telling me they about epilipsy before marrriage right now I am working internet shop (cyber cafe and doing xerox) and I am getting 4500/- monthly plus launch What I Can do? I am physically handicapped person with 36years and also because of her I got health problems