false case

I am physical handicap (80%), working as a cashier in Bank. In last february CJM order to the police to write a F. I. R. Against 5 bank employees including me under IPC section 419 , 420, 467, 468 and 120B/34. On the accused of someone. He accused that bank sanctioned a loan of Rs 15,00,000 by use of his forgery documents. As I told you I am a cashier in bank so I don't have any power to sanctioned loan or check or approved any type of documents. I just work on entry level then officer debit account in the system and i follow the process then make payment . I apply for anticipatory bail in Local court but my bail is also rejected. Now I am very disappointed with this situation. Because my both legs are fully affected by Polio so I am not able to survive in this situation. I never did any work which is against law or bank rules and I had no information about any type of forgery. This situation is mentally and physically harassment for me and lose of social dignity. So please suggest me.