Anticipatory Bail

Wife has put up false allegations of dowry and domestic violence because I, did not subdue to her viscous desires. 1. We are married only on papers and the marriage has not been consummated because my wife threatened me of accusing me with post marital rape case. 2. Not even a single rupee nor any valuables were exchanged in marriage. 3. My wife was forcing me to abandon my sister, because she is married in a Hindu family. 4. My wife wanted me to abandon my parents as they are retired and dependent on me for their sustenance. 5. My wife wanted me to force my parents to sell their house in Lucknow, to buy her a new three BHK in Delhi/ NCR with the money received after selling the house in Lucknow. 6. My wife wanted me to transfer all my savings on to her name. 7. Accused me of being homosexual and having illicit relations with my cousin sister, relatives, co-workers and subordinates. 8. Stating that " A WOMAN CAN MAKE OR BREAK A MAN", threatened me of destroying my personal and professional life, which she has been successful in to a great extent. 9. My wife stayed with me only for a month and we do not share a husband and wife relationship (she has not stayed with my parents or relatives). 10. All wedding gifts, cash whatever are in her possession and she claims of having handed it over to me. 11. All this after having taken no dowry, setting up the entire house starting from a needle to the best that i could afford. 12. Now she is claiming for 20 Lakh rupees at the mediation cell, Teez Hazari Court referred by CAW Cell and at DLSC, Teez Hazari Court, she is saying that she wants to stay with me. 13. I have been running from pillar to post proving my innocence by producing all relevant documents that support my statement, but till now all has been in vain. 14. Now I have been told by the CAW Cell, Kirti Nagar that if the complaint comes back from Mediation Cell, Tiz Hazari Court, they will have to register the FIR. 15. My wife stays in Delhi (Paschim Vihar area) and i am working in amritsar. My wife has filed the complaint in Delhi and every time i have to run down to Delhi for the proceedings, which is taking its toll on my health and work as i have limited number of leaves being in a government job. 16. With limited resources at my disposal it is becoming difficult to manage things.