Not getting the refund

I registered for a trial(football league) that held at Delhi and I received an e-mail from the organisers right after registration mentioning the day, date and some rules regarding trials. One of the point in the rules said "If you are selected in the trials, you must pay a registration fee of INR 3,000. Failure to do so before the announced deadline will result in you being placed on the waiting list." When I reached the venue for the trials on given day the organiser changed this rule without even intimating me and collected INR 3000 even before taking the trials. As I travelled a long way just to give the trials, I paid the amount and gave the trials. The e-mail I received also includes this "This is NOT a guarantee that you will be picked in the draft, and if so, you will be placed on the waiting list. However, if you are not selected once the league begins, you will be refunded the registration amount." Though I got selected for the trials, I received an e-mail with a contract attached to it. After going through the terms and conditions of the contract and some estimations I got to know that playing in this league will not be beneficial for me. So I didn't signed the contract, still they auctioned me in a team. And now they are not refunding my money i.e INR 3000 on the grounds that I got selected and I backed off but the point is I got selected in the trials and didn't signed to play for the league. This situation would not have occurred in the first place if they did not made the breach of their rule of taking money before even trials without intimating me.