Get Survey number of house property only with door number?

Dear sir, This is Meghana, female & unmarried. I have ancestral property which is not shared to us, my father being the elder son and I'm the only daughter. My father expired 10 years ago when I was a minor. Now that property is held for sale by my father's brothers. I was advised by my relatives to sue on them for my share of property as I and my mom are suffering with financial difficulties. But my grand father had total rights, according to the will, on that property which is passed to him from his father. He had expired 2 years back and I'm not aware whether he had distributed that property to my father's brothers. The consulting lawyer said that they want survey number or the Revenue ward number to find whether the property was passed to my father's brothers or not and that it is not possible to get the Encumbrance Certificate just with the help of Door number. we don't have any other documents or payment receipts of taxes except the door no. We also stay in the same city and we know the location of the house and its street. The people in the Registration office said that the will of my grand father's father in 1960's is burnt due to some political issues and so that they can't help to give EC without survey no. or Revenue ward no. Now how can I know whether the property is given to my father's brothers or not and whether I have a right to sue on them without Survey number. Please, suggest me the apt solution to solve my problem.