DRT case

I had purchased a property through auction from allahabad bank. Before sales certificate could be issued the borrower filed a case in DRT and case has been dragging on since February 2015 and was reserve for order in April 2016. There is no mistake from bank side legally. Case was time barred but DRT gave borrower befit of doubt and gave time to sell the property and realise the amount but borrower was unable to do so. Borrower had taken 9 lakhs from one Mr. Sasi who is currently staying in the said property but the agreement between them is un-registered hence not reflected in encumbrance certificate but he says he may take legal recourse as borrower wont be able to return his money. The bank seem uninterested in finishing the case, don't reply to my emails and is reluctant to approach HC for time bound disposal as suggested by their cousel. There are two options for me 1. Approach HC for time bound disposal of case at DRT 2. Approach HC/Consumer forum for withdrawal from sales and compensation. In the first option if I succeed in winning the case at DRT and if the borrower and the person currently residing in property decides to go for High court my money will be lying idle and will I be stuck in another long drawn legal battle?? 1. Which is the best option High court or Consumer forum, if consumer forum can decision be challenged in HC. 2. The quatum of compensation that I can expect. 3. References where auction purchaser was awarded compensations. 4. Any other suggestions or advices are welcome