Buyer asking more on possession- Not giving possession

I booked an apartment in Jaipur in 2007. Paid 2 installments but then the builder got in problems and stopped construction completely in 2009. Then the property was taken over by another builder and completed. They offered to take possession in Nov 2013 after a delay of 2 years. In the mean time I funded the property by taking bank loan. So I have paid around 3.84 Lakhs and the Bank paid 19 Lakhs for the property. The builder has increased quite a few demands in the new possession letter issued in Nov 2013. They are charging for a higher super built-up area, higher external development charges, asking more for covered car parking, asking for club membership charges, asking for one time maintenance charges, asking money for land lease, and interest on late payment by me. What they have done is that they are asking for all the money they are charging extra for the new buyers in the new agreements from the old buyers as well. There was a supplementary agreement signed when the builder changed but these new charges were not mentioned in that. They have not increased the per square feet charges though. Also the builder is not willing to pay any late delivery charges. Builder offered me possession in Dec-2013, saying final amount of Rs. 5,00,00 lakh to be deposited which included late installment interest of Rs. 166000. I requested him to waive-off interest but he denied still i deosited balance money of Rs. 3,40,000 in Dec 2014 part from interest money. I also filled a consumer court case against builder for unnecessary interest recovery & other charges in may-2014. Now on feb-2015, builder has end cancellation notice saying to deposit additional 3,00,000 rs. in balance.including Withholding charges of 78,000rs. interest charges of 18% etc. I have deposited Rs. 3,oo,ooo under protest to builders also on 03 march-15, & asked builder to give me possession letter & do registry but builder denied to do so, saying first take legal case back only after that possession letter & registry will be done, though no due is balance as of now to builders. Also, I am not able to get any rental on the property. What to do now. Please suggest can I put FIR against builder that after all payment builder not giving possession letter & registry.