chronic medical condition of the bride not being disclosed.

Hello, Im writing to you with the hope that you can advice me with the right thing to do or provide me with the right information. My brother got married two weeks ago and found out on his first night with his wife that she has epilepsy. They got engaged in Aug last year. With a six month gap between his engagement and wedding. His in laws and wife kept her medical condition of having epilepsy from us. Neither did she tells us or her parents acknowledge she had this condition despite having asked them before the engagement about her health. My brother was in for a shock when she had a seizure on is first night with her and two seizure in a span of one week that she has been with him. Having panicked and taken her to the doctor is when he got to know about her condition. When he asked his in laws about her having Epilepsy they casually tried to brush it off as a one off instances....she has not been on medication for a year since it makes her drowsy...the mother in law states she has had seizures for a year now....father in law says about two n half years.....they are not being honest about this is making us very distrustful about the whole situation....we are unable to figure out since when she has had this condition and she is also not forthcoming with the details. Quite frankly we are scared for her health that she has not received adequate medical treatment or followed a treatment schedule and neither the parents nor the daughter has made an effort to take care of herself from the looks of it My brother is deeply disturbed with the situation he has been lead into. He is now married to a person with a chronic condition.He does not wish to be in such a relationship. He is unable to come to terms that he was not given a choice before the wedding to be able to decide if he wanted to go ahead with the marriage to a person with epilepsy. I do not want to show him in the wrong light as he is loving and caring person and has been this way towards his wife. My mother has several chronic conditions and its difficult to deal with her situation and she is constantly in need of medical attention and we know what it is like to be able to cope with that kind of tension all the time. His freedom to want to choose was taken away.He wasnt prepared to want to deal with something this serious a condition. He knows what he is in for having been to doctors...he does not want to be tied down with medical issues his whole life ....not being able to sleep not being able to head out to work without worrying for her....not being able to let her drive for the fear of a seizure while driving....i mean these are just examples of daily routine...i can list out a whole bunch of things about what she can suffer from....she is a wonderful girl not denying that but she hid her condition from him and not something that we can dismiss or ignore saying its in the past...this will affect him his entire life and hers,,..they cheated him of a happy life that he had hoped lying to him about her health...and ofcourse when it comes to having is going to be difficult once she is taking her medications...with the chances of infertility....should she have children...the danger to her health during pregnancy....and the care after that for the children and wife...concern about this condition being hereditary and passed on the children...should she has a series of seizures what if she is paralyzed...what if she goes into a coma...what if she overwhelming to even begin to think of. My father is not keen on him getting a mother supports his decision to get a divorce...i will support him in any decision that he makes as long as he is happy with it. My brother also worries that the in laws might file a case of harassment or something to that extent when he tells them that he wants to file for divorce. What should he except in a situation like this? How does he handle this situation with his wife and this is going to be difficult for both of them... My questions to you is... 1. What can he do to help himself.. 2. Can he get a divorce on medical grounds? 3. How should he go about it? 4. What are the options he has legally? 5. What formalities legally should he prepare for? 6. How should he deal with his wife? 7. How should he deal with his in laws? 8. He is distraught emotionally... 9. What evidence is required legally to show that he has been lied to? 10.How long will the divorce procedure take? 11.How will this affect my parents legally? Please advice on what to except emotionally, financially and legally. I am writing to you on his behalf as he his distraught about the whole situation. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards