Hindu Succession Act Section 8 male dying intestate

My father expired in 2013 leaving behind an agricultural land in Uttarakhand governed under UP Zamindari Abolition Act 1956. I have my mother and three brothers. My three brothers and mother got the mutation done in their favour and did not include my name in revenue records of the Tehsildar Office. They say that married daughters do not have any right in agricultural land in the State of Uttarakhand. My father did not leave any will during his lifetime. Though the HSA amendment in 2005 omitted Section 4(2) of the act and included Agricultural land to be shared with daughter at par with brothers, the state of Uttrakhand did not amend this in the state policy. My brothers want to sell the property as soon as possible without giving me any share. My query is: Am I eligible for the share in Agricultural land governed under UP Zamindari Act ? If I am eligible, how should I proceed in the matter. Also How can I stop them to sell the property and maintain status quo in the matter till it is resolved legally in the court of law.