Girl and her brother inlaw cheated me,what should i do punish?

I met one girl who lived in my colony in her sister-brother inlaw house.we were in affair with each other.My family got settled my marriage with some other girl. after marriage i continued my affair with that girl,My wife got heard of my extramarital affair,she abandoned me and started living separately.My wife lived with me n my house for 2 months,the girl whom i loved knows this. The girl and her brother inlaw told me that only after giving divorce to my wife he would allow to marry me with the girl.Since i loved that girl very much i applied for divorce and me & my wife got mutual consent divorce. I showed divorce papers to the girl's brother inlaw,and told him to give approval for marriage with the girl. After few months the girl whom i loved too much and she also APPEARS to love me too much ditched me by saying "I cannot marry you because you had honeymoon and lots of other enjoyment with your wife" I told her that if you had objection you would have broken all ties earlier when i got married why you have wasted my time,energy and money.Because of you i divorced and lost my wife. in 3 years of courtship with me that girl looted me with lots of money, jewellery and other items. Now,8 months passed since that girl broken all ties with me,i m a person who has nothing,im depressed. I want justice i want to put that girl and her brother inlaw behind bars. Kindly suggest me what can i do. Ajay