498A Reqest to Adivice please.

Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well ! Sir Actually i need an advice or suggestion from you. Actually I'm in a trouble. On last month Febaury i went to vacation to india for 10 day to see my family, In between 10 day i spent almost a week with my family; in the last days just two days left to back to work. one of my sister friend calls me and told me to meet her, we'll have coffee. so i agreed and went to the hotel resturent at near by my place. Infact i know her since 2 years i'm in touch with her through whatsup and facebook some time i'll call her to ask hi hello. On 9th of febaury i met her at hotel when i order coffee she told to me someday knows her and push me to book a room. all of sudden i booked the hotel room when i just entered at hotel room his family arrived and cought me ....Her family came to hotel with police and other person 2 person in civil dress and 2 star Inspector. his brother beat me present of police and police took me to local Qazi and pronouced Nikah. I'm constantly telling to everyone policemen, his brother and sister that i dont to marry her and i dont want to perform nikah at that time nobody is agreeing even though they took my mobile and valet etc. i request them to call my parent atleast inform them nobody is listened to me. they tourched me and told me if i not perform nikah they will handover to police and filed rape case on me ...i replaied them immidiatly that i'm didn't touch the girl i swer to god. even i told them you take this girl to hospital and eximine her . nobody listened. Even that local qazi also not aggreeing and after 30 min the Qazi agreed and perform nikah. While performing the nikah her family took Videography and told me to reapet/utter the words from Qazi. So i uttered the words what they said to me utter. They took Signiture me on Stamp paper on that stamp paper are mentioned that i perform the nikah from my side nobody insists me etc. After complete every thing they police move from there and his family handover my belonging mobile, bike and Valet. After that they told me to go away and bring your family. after that incident happen i never sleep i was in shouck what they did with me. on next i sit quite i'm afraied of my family and after two days i informed to my family they were in shoucked and mum's got admited in hospital. she completely break and on the same day we dischage Mum. My Family Advice me to go back to riyadh saudi arabia. So booked my ticket imidiately and went to riyadh to Resume my work. After this incident happen later one week her family calling me and my family on home mobile number, and insisting them to agree the marriage which was perform. When ever they are calling to my family every time my family replaying them that this marriage is not accepatble. After one week police come and took my mother, Father and Brother to Women's Police station CCS. At that time i called to my father friend Advocate and i discribe my incident, he came to ccs and release my family. After one week they booked a case on my family members 498A. We approched to Advocate after receiveing that notice, My Advocate start the process and he told to my family nothing will happen . The highlet thing is they booked case on my family that they give 10,000,00 Lakhs rupess to me and Gold ournement to his girl . moreover they even written on case file that we ask for flat and addition 10,000,00 lakhs rupess and BMW car. I swer to Almight Allah (swt) we didn't took any amount from them and gold. How can we prove that Please Advice me sir. This All things happened on planed way, I'm sure of that.