Damage to our ceiling by non coperative neighbor

For last 4-5 years this problem has existed. We have had water leaking from the fellow upstairs bathroom. Several letters have been written in the past and the owner comes , inspects the damage , gives assurance and does nothing thereon. There is paint chipping on the ceiling ,water dripping and ceiling rot. The problem is, this fellow (will just called him Rahul ) is ALSO the secretary of the society and all he does is send his plumbers to inspect ( maybe to create a record that society took action ) but NOTHING has been done really. Water drips like a shower leaking and our electrical connections in the area have been severed. I am aware of co-operative and consumer court . In that regard I have the following questions <> From previous readings - I got the info. that I can sue the society for inaction. However we are in good terms with other society members and such legal action may interfere with other prospects for which he take help from society. We want to direct our action against just this fellow who has been an nuisance . <> After we made a complaint some 4-5 years ago. As per society laws if there is damage and repairs need to be carried out , the faulting member deposits some money with society and ONLY when there is satisfactory resolution of the problem , can this money be withdrawn ( with NOC from the affected member ). In this case ,the previous committee elected directed Rahul to deposit money & carry out repairs. Under such biding circumstances Rahul had no choice but as soon as Rahul got elected , he presumably faked my sign and withdrew the deposit without fixing the problem. <> Just last week we gave a complaint letter with photos of the leak. I have even shot a video. I dont think I can pull up correspondence earlier with society. Given these circumstances ,whats the best recourse of action ( how can we dig out previous correspondence we had with society that we misplaced ) .