Car bought in car loan now with a pawn broker

Hi sir/madam I bought a car two years ago with a help of a finance company, and there is three months pending dues to be paid to the company And due to my financial struggle i gave the car to a pawn broker before 6 months and im cornered that i should pay the pawn broker to get the car from him by the same time im receiving calls from the bank to pay the remaining three car dues or to surrender the car, as banks ending date is in march 31 Presently My car is with the pawn broker, only if i pay him the money i borrowed from him only then he'l return my car to me And the bank finance people are calling me To pay the pending three month loans or to surrender the car Presently i have no money And how will i surrender the car as it is with the pawn broker And in this scenario What all will be the consequences faced by me? What happens when i pawn a car with pending dues and what happens when the bank people come to know the car is not with me to surrender before this month end The guarantee for me was assured by a relation of mine Please help Thanks in advance sir/madam