husband married another women without first wife permission ne

I got married 5 years back in 2008. But one year back I came to know my husband has married another women after 3 months of my marriage.But he didn't gave full clarity it is true or not.But I didn't discuss with anyone he confessed his mistake and told he will keep me happy.I forgive him but I couldn't forget so I told him I want a kid for adoption and we took one girl baby.We were quite happy when the baby came he loved her so much. After some days I came to know he had a baby from her ,then he told she alone so let her have one baby she won't interfere in our life.So I kept quite.After the baby started growing he and other started taking advantage of my silence. He started comparing het with me and my baby with her. In midnight and all she started calling him he used go.He started giving het more time telling she is alone her parents against thr marriage. Even financiallying also he stopped supporting to me and baby.He has practice of drinking he started domestic violence etc.Now I have decided to divorce him can I get compensate for me and my kid from him pls let me know.