Case against a uk based company

Sir, I am a resident of India. I have made a debit card transaction with a UK based online virtual card payment company As you know that Indian debit cards are not allowed to make foreign transfers, so we need to buy a virtual card through which we can make a foreign payment. I did the same and transferred 20 USD (Rs. 1265) in my neteller account. I even got a confirmation e-mail from them that my payment was successful and transaction receipt was mailed to me. But on further query i was told that they have stopped their services in India and I will not be provided a card. So i requested a refund and they made a fund reversal to my card from which the payment was made. But after 2 months, I did'nt received the ammount back. So I contacted my bank and neteller. To my surprise, bank refused that they have not received any payment from any company, and even neteller refused that transaction even took place even i have e-mailed all the proofs like my account statement and even their transaction receipt. So my question to you sir is, that is their any way i can get my money back and sew the culprit who is responsible for this online frauds!