About money

Hello sir I have to ask u if I take money from someone and couldn't give it back then what to do if they make police complaint against me and make a story to tell them like if they tell police I took money for his work permit to Canada and I don't do anything and they want money back but I don't have now to give them back and they have no prof they give me money but I just sign a doc and give them I will get job for him in Canada and he will get that much salary but I couldn't send him them cuz now agency don't want any person they don't have requirements now I can money back in instalments cuz in one short I can't pay I took 50,000 what should I do now can u tell me what can I do if they make police complaint and I stuck in trouble cuz I don't have licence for travel agency I just want to help them cuz one of my friend need person there to work and he took money from me now he off his number and he in Canada what should I do they know me don't know him how CA I do now and does police will put me in prison cuz I have no licence to do work I just want to help but I stuck now in trouble what to do now pls tell me.