dv case

My husband is a H1B holder. I went to US as his dependent and resided there for 8 months. He had hurt me brutally in this period and took money from my father. I did not complaint in 911. I had pictures of the wounds but no medical report as he never let me get out of the apartment. we came back to india when things got out of control and i fainted. he left me at my father's place. he filed a nullity of marriage (at the 10th month of our marriage) and went back to US. the marriage was consumated but we do not have any child yet. I am not working anywhere. I got the summon for nullity of marriage from court on 20th march 2014. my question is: 1. what are the legal procedures I can take against him? 2. can I get maintenance when he is working in US? 3. What are the legal procedures to get him back to India? how long will it take? 4. photo without medical proof... legal evidence or not? 5. can he simultaneously file a divorce case in US? 6. can he get the annulment without coming to India?